Setup Firebase hosting in 30 seconds

Have you ever had the need to get some web hosting really quickly to show off a demo? Or to showcase a new clients website? Or just want to a new place to host your personal blog from?

Well, Firebase hosting from Google could really come in handy here and it most likely won’t cost you a penny.

So what is Firebase hosting?

Firebase Hosting is a fully-managed hosting service for static and dynamic content as well as microservices and to top it off, all sites that are hosted on Firebase recieve a free SSL certificate so your content is always delivered securley.

By default, every Firebase project has free subdomains on the and domains but you can add easily add a custom domain to use instead.

How to get started with Firebase hosting?

To get started with Firebase hosting follow the following 3 easy steps…

  1. Change the project folder you want to serve the code and run…

firebase init

This will bring up the Firebase CLI with various options that you can perform but we want Hosting, so press the on your keyboard and select Hosting: Configure and deploy Firebase Hosting sites and then press the spacebar and then return to confirm the selection.

  1. Select Create a new project and enter a unqiue project ID

If the project id is already taken, annoyingly the process will quit and you have to start over.

  1. Confirm your public directory and if the project is going to be a SPA

And that’s it!

You will now have a project setup in Firebase which you can deploy assets to using firebase deploy.

Your URL out-of-the-box will be and but you can add a custom domain name to use instead if you want to.