Newsletters that you should sign up to if you are interested in all things web

I personally have signed up for several web design and development newsletters as I find them a great resource for learning new techniques, finding new, useful libraries and frameworks and other industry news and updates.

Here is a few handpicked newsletters that I highly recommend signing up for if you haven’t already.

  1. Web Tools Weekly

Web Tools Weekly is all about front-end development which you may of guessed by it’s name, tools that help with front-end development, from apps too scripts, plugins and more. It also has a short brief inline tutorial in each email which is really useful and sets it apart from others.

  1. Frontend Focus

Frontend Focus is a great newsletter which focuses on rounding up all kinds of links to web frontend related issues ranging from HTML/CSS, Browesers, WebGL and more. Highly recommended resource for any frontend developer.

  1. React Status

As you may of guest, React Status is all about ReactJS and React Native, so if you work with React or just learning, this is a great resource.


This newsletter is all about performance on the web, which is a very important topic and something every developer should be aware of.